Sony DSR-V10 MiniDV standard format video walkman

Sony DSR-V10 MiniDV standard format video walkman

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Why buy from me: - I am a technician and my expertise are in repairing and selling Sony 8mm, Hi8, digital 8 and mini DV camcorder or VCR, I earn my feedback on eBay or Amazon not by selling records, CD's or DVDs but selling 8mm, HI8, digital8 , mini DV , HD and VHS/SVHS video cassette recorder player, camcorder & video Walkman .

This listing is for near mint and perfect working condition Sony DSR-V10 miniDV / DVcam stereo NTSC video Walkman, it comes with original Sony AC adapter , RCA  A/V RCA cable, Svideo cable ,  it is complete and you do not need to purchase anything to operate this video Walkman .

Sony DSR-V10 does not play high definition miniDV tapes.

All tapes recorded with sony HVR or HDR camcorders are high definition.

Sony DSR-V10 has following input/output.

1- RCA A/V jack.

2- Svideo jack.

3- ilink / DV port.

30 days warranty is included in the purchase price.